Your Bill As A Marketing Vehicle

Transpromotional Marketing…  more than a Buzzword. The continuous flow and multiple deliveries of transactional, regulatory and marketing messages to your customers can put a strain on your budget and possibly your customer satisfaction levels. Using monthly statements to deliver important notices about their accounts, changes in their services, new product releases and improvements lets you brings multiple departments into a single communication channel.

The most common method used today is combining multiple communications into a single envelope for traditional, physical delivery through the USPS. This has the impact of increasing the value of postal spend, but material costs remain high. In addition, the impact on customer satisfaction could be positive or negative, depending on the customer. There is also a missed opportunity to deliver those messages to the growing number of customers receiving their communications through digital channels.

A single document that can be produced full color or black and white with the capacity and design to contain all the relevant messages your customer needs can serve as a solution to those challenges. This type of document is commonly referred to as a transpromotional document or “transpromo.” The most obvious result is the decrease in materials costs. In addition, one, easy-to-read document decreases the amount of time your customer has to spend sorting through multiple documents and inserts whether that document is delivered physically or digitally. Putting all the relevant messages in one place for every customer goes one step further in ensuring your customer is well-informed. A well-informed customer is aware of rate and service changes before they happen and less likely to be dissatisfied after the fact.

An even more powerful benefit of transpromo communications is the ability to tailor messages by relevance to each customer based on demographics in the document. Using unique customer information in the document, communications can be designed to be specific to every customer.

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Stay tuned next month for the second in our three-part series on turning your statement into a marketing vehicle.