Bills As Customer Retention Tools

Use Your Statement as a Customer Retention Tool: Current economic pressures and increasing competition in the broadband industry have created the perfect storm for increased churn.  In this climate, providers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and to help develop a “stickier” relationship with their customers.

A recent poll suggested that only 36 percent believe their broadband provider has an effective billing department and 70 percent have complained in the past about billing issues. Does changing this represent an opportunity to help improve how your customers perceive you and ultimately grow customer satisfaction? While sending a bill may seem like a necessary evil, offering accurate, engaging customer billing communication disguised as a bill might just create the cement you need to ensure your customers’ eyes stay focused on you and your offering.

Based on extensive customer studies, new bill-design methodologies have developed to help you better “talk” with your customer through their monthly bill. While companies from every industry focus on how to get their customers to pay their bill faster, and with fewer calls to customer service, companies that personalize that communication will develop loyalty and drive revenue in addition to succeeding with more traditional goals.

Bundling, grouping and sub-totaling combined with rules-based statement messaging, tailored product promotion and customer-based communication can transform what might ordinarily be a transactional document into a promotional powerhouse. Customer has product A but not products B? Create messages targeting them specifically. Wants customers to adopt e-bill? Include a message to those who aren’t already signed up letting them know it’s available and how to respond.

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