Study Says Consumers Want TV Everywhere Options

Hey, it’s Garrick…  While some have doubted the promise of TV Everywhere—and have warned operators about rise in cord-cutting—data shows that TV Everywhere is poised for unprecedented growth and will soon become a complement to regular television viewing, as opposed to a replacement. In fact, nearly one-third of U.S. telco TV households are predicted to access multi-screen services by the end of 2013.According to a results from a recent Pivot study, 86 percent of consumers want live streaming TV Everywhere and 91 percent would feel “more positive” about networks that offer such services. Moreover, 85 percent of respondents are more likely to keep their cable, satellite, or telco TV subscription if TV Everywhere services were provided. Participants whom used broadband-only services stated that they missed watching live TV, while pay-TV respondents intend to keep their service because they enjoy watching live programs.

While most consumers still prefer live, pay-TV services –with the added option of TV Everywhere—they are perking up to the idea of the second screen, a phenomenon that describes the use of a companion device, or devices, to connect to favorite shows.

Ericsson’s study of TV viewing habits shows that 62 percent of people use social media on a “second screen” while watching TV, while 40 percent are discussing what they are currently watching on social networks. Another study found that 52 percent of mobile phone owners are categorized as “connected viewers” whom use their phones while watching TV.

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