Combating Authorization in the Era of TV Everywhere

Garrick here….  Summer has been anything but slow for the TV Everywhere (TVE) space, especially with analysts predicting that one in three U.S. households that subscribe to telco TV will access multi-screen or TVE services by the end of 2013. While today’s viewers can access video from any number of sources—from YouTube to Netflix—TVE  is all about delivering top-notch, quality content. But despite its growth, operators are still facing some challenges.One of the biggest hurdles operators must overcome is authorization, or managing which subscribers receive what TVE content. While the explosion of new mobiles devices has opened new distribution opportunities for operators, it’s also opened up a can of authentication worms. There is an exponential increase in content theft and squabbling over authentication, and these instances only increase as operators get more ambitious about offering more content on a number of devices.

Moreover, some say that the authentication process is intrusive or frustrating for viewers as they are forced to juggle and confusing number of passwords for relationships with the same company. However, operators can combat authorization issues with a subscriber authentication platform like GLDS’ WinCAP. WinCAP is a content authorization platform in which customers can manage all of their TVE access from one centralized portal.

Great Lakes Data Systems is the only billing vendor offering fully integrated, real-time subscriber authorization. With WinCAP, not only do customers have access to online content immediately, but content providers are granted a single point of contact for authorizing content.

Don’t let simple authentication issues get in your way of delivering TVE. To learn more information about GLDS’ WinCAP subscriber authentication platform, click here.