Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Billing – Part One

Garrick again…  There’s a reason why more than half of businesses in the United States are now using cloud computing for IT purposes—and why researchers predict that the market will grow to $160 billion by this year. From storing music to gaming applications, and yes, cable billing, this technology has redefined how companies do business.

The cloud offers a wide range of benefits– from lower capital expenditure to easier maintenance and upgrades to greater flexibility and mobility to business continuity to improved IT security – for companies of all shapes and sizes.In part one of this series, let’s explore some of the chief benefits of cloud computing.

Lowered CAPEX

Businesses no longer have to commit to costly projects that require expensive servers and software licenses. With cloud computing, the vendor takes on the responsibility and costs for the bulk of the infrastructure. This way, companies don’t have to invest exorbitant amounts in hardware; instead they can simply outsource their IT services.

Easier Maintenance and Upgrades

Odds are that your team of IT professionals is extremely busy keeping your company’s day-to-day IT systems and functions working properly—meaning they have few hours in a day to be pulled in to other, unexpected issues. Cloud computing takes the heat off of your in-house team as the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining and managing your server, software and network. Moreover, upgrades are supplied by the vendor, which not only saves time, but also saves you money.

To learn more about the top benefits of cloud computing, look out for part two of this series or reach out to us today.