Top Benefits of Cloud- Based Billing – Part Two

Garrick again with part 2 in this three-part series…  There is no disputing the fact that cloud computing has become a mainstay of our tech vernacular, and with good reason. The technology offers notable benefits that not only help streamline business processes, but also significantly cuts costs. In fact, research predicts that the total worldwide market for cloud computing to reach $158.8 billion by 2014, representing an increase of 126.5 percent from 2011.In continuing our series (part one) on the top benefits of cloud computing, let’s take a look at two more.

Greater Flexibility and Mobility

Cloud computing gives employees the ability to work remotely. With anytime, anywhere access to important files, data, documents and IT tools, employees are awarded greater flexibility. In fact, 54.5 percent of participants in the survey mentioned above stated that greater business agility was a major driver of cloud adoption.

Business Continuity

Today, businesses are gathering more data than ever before, which places business continuity as a top priority. Data loss and downtime can be financially devastating to any company. Research data estimates that organizations lose an average of $138,000 for every hour that their data centers are down. With cloud computing, data is safety stored off-site away from any risks. All employees have to do is log on remotely to access critical business data and continue business as usual.

As you can see cloud computing can benefit companies in a number of ways. Click here to see how our cloud-based billing platform can deliver all the tools you need without having to manage any of the infrastructure.