Mobile Workforce Management Solutions Drive ROI

It’s predicted that the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion and represent 37.2 percent of the total workforce by 2015, according to research from IT analytics firm IDC. With this number slated to grow, mobile workforce management solutions have gained solid traction, as organizations of all sizes look to manage their dispersed mobile workforces.

With companies experiencing a quick, hard ROI with the solutions, the mobile workforce management sector has been catapulted to new heights, as evidenced by a recent Frost and Sullivan’s survey.According to the market research firm’s survey of 300 mobile and wireless decision-makers, the top ROI for mobile workforce management applications are: reduced paperwork (32 percent), decreased labor expense (27 percent) and increased customer satisfaction (26 percent). IDC’s aforementioned Mobile Enterprise Software Survey further supports these findings, stating that increased revenue, decreased costs and improved services are the three key areas in which businesses can expect ROI.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Today’s customer has come to expect immediate service responses and access to information. With mobile workforce management apps, field techs are granted access to many of the functionalities and information that customer service representatives have such as cable billing and payment information. Also, with real-time visibility into their mobile workforce, dispatchers are able to adjust tech schedules on the fly to improve on-time performance.

Decreased Costs

Mobile workforce management solutions help streamline back-office processes, speed up work order execution and improve overall productivity and efficiency, which significantly reduces costs. Field techs are able to do more in their day, while customer service reps are freed from performing time-consuming work-order functions. The results are substantial cost savings.

Improved Services

Inefficiencies can plague a mobile workforce and wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line.  With mobile workforce management solutions in place, though, businesses can eliminate inefficiencies across their entire business from field techs to back office processes to customer service.

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