Source Cable Soars with WinForce

When you’re a mid-sized cable operator, managing your mobile workforce can oftentimes feel like running a three-ring circus as your forced to juggle a number of different—but equally important—tasks with limited resources. On top of managing field personnel, you’re also tasked with managing your front-office operations and customers.

Like many operators, Source Cable found itself in the all too familiar situation described above. The cable company, which serves 20,000 triple-play subscribers, was in need of tools to help streamline its operations and improve its mobile workforce. Its quest led it straight to Great Lake Data Systems’ WinForce, a robust workforce management solution that provides field personnel with instant, real-time access to assignment work and customer and account details.After deploying WinForce tech, Source Cable saw immediate results including a significant improvement in dispatcher efficiency as well as cost savings in staff count.

“Instead of techs having to call in three times to activate the service, register the equipment and complete the order, now we do it without any phone calls,” said Darryl Chandler, Vice President of Operations at Source Cable. Moreover, the cable company experienced improvement in its front-office operations as the WinForce tech application platform expanded the range of available information.

The solution enabled dispatchers to monitor activities in the field as well as communicate with technicians, which helped the company improve schedule performance. In terms of subscriber management tasks, WinForce enabled the company to complete work orders faster and build better, longer lasting relationships with clients.

“When the payment comes in, that work order is automatically canceled and disappears from the tech’s ledger,” added Chandler. “Not having to track down and call the tech is a huge release on the CSR side.”

With WinForce tech, Source Cable was able to turn its disparate mobile workforce into a well-oiled machine. To see what WinForce can do for you, click here.