Empowering Technicians with Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

While managing your dispersed workforce can be a challenge, as a broadband service provider, the job of your field technicians is no cake walk. Not only are they tasked with a full work order agenda, but they are also faced with managing piles of paperwork, dealing with customer service issues, maintaining the plant, updating cable equipment, the list goes on…Fortunately, your life and the lives of your cable technicians can be made easier by deploying a mobile workforce management solution. Empower your mobile workforce with accurate, real-time information and customer management tools so they can deliver top-notch customer service, while also enabling your business to work faster, smarter and more cost effectively.

By leveraging a mobile workforce management solution, technicians are granted remote access to past, present and future work orders, full subscriber account details, a complete list of equipment, and GPS navigation, among other features.

With this information at their fingertips, these employees can easily add packages to subscriber accounts, manage notes and comments, finalize work orders and take payments – all while in the field. As a result, technicians no longer need to spend critical time on follow-up paperwork or make calls to dispatch for field work details, as the solution provides all critical business data.

For managers, providing your mobile workforce with access to customer management tools will help you increase employee productivity, boost efficiency, and make better, more profitable business decisions. Moreover, it can also improve customer service by enabling more accurate time of arrivals, real-time equipment interaction, and service upgrades.

To learn more about how mobile workforce management solutions can empower your workforce, check out our WinForce tech platform here.