Driving Service Delivery Directly Through Billing

To retain customers, stay ahead of the competition and increase profitability, cable operators are constantly rolling out new value-added services. However, the balance of managing service subscriptions and deployment, subscriber growth, and costs can be challenging. And, given the complexities of some service delivery platforms, what should be a seamless process often turns into utter chaos.For operators, a tremendous amount of disconnect can take place if their billing system is not connected to their service delivery platform. Because of this, customers often receive services they have not paid for or worse customers don’t get the services they’ve purchased. Not only does this hurt an operator’s bottom line, but it can also turn customers away.

This is where automated service provisioning comes into play, helping to address the complete end-to-end workflow, from subscriber requests to service delivery and activation to billing. Automated service provisioning helps streamline the service delivery and billing process for both operators and customers.

GLDS offers an automated service provisioning solution, called SuperController, which automates service delivery directly from its flagship billing system, WinCable. The solution gives operators complete control of voice, video and data service delivery within the WinCable billing and subscriber management system. Its interface-based technology can integrate into almost any major service delivery platform and allows for unlimited scalability and future-proofing.

Moreover, it protects operators’ revenue by ensuring that services that are delivered are always billed; at the same time, it’s automated disconnect feature guarantees that services are deactivated when payments stop.

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