Small Operators Can’t Hide From TV Everywhere

In order to keep up with view demands, and remain competitive in today’s market, large and medium-sized operators are eagerly releasing TV Everywhere (TVE) services, giving consumers anywhere, anytime access to their favorite programs via mobile devices.

However, small operators have struggled to get a piece of the TVE pie. For small operators, the demand for this technology is concerning as content licensing and programming costs are high and access to subscriber service-level data has been cumbersome. But despite increasing concerns, small operators can’t afford to ignore the continued growth of TVE.After all, TVE is being touted as a way for operators to retain customers and keep them from cutting the cord or switching to online-streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, which is a major point of contention for small operators.

According to a results from a recent Pivot study, 86 percent of consumers want live streaming TV Everywhere and 91 percent would feel “more positive” about networks that offer such services. Moreover, 85 percent of respondents are more likely to keep their cable, satellite, or telco TV subscription if TV Everywhere services were provided.

GLDS believes that every operator, small or large, should have the ability to offer TVE services, which is why the company created its TVE authentication solution, WinCAP. With the content authorization platform, customers can manage all of their TV Everywhere access from one centralized portal and operators are able to correlate service codes with content provider programming to help streamline authorization requests.  Better still, for those using the NCTC’s Watch TV Everywhere platform, GLDS has just announced an automated interface between the two platforms.

To learn more about WinCAP, or about integration with the NCTC’s WTVE platform, click here.

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