Tracking Techs in the Field with Mobile Workforce Management

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Well, not always. What if you didn’t know that your field tech was going to be late to an appointment with a customer due to an unexpected traffic jam or if a tech was slacking in performance? For small and mid-sized cable operators, it’s not always easy to monitor your field techs when juggling several tasks.Mobile workforce management solutions allow operators to be in two places at once, giving them clear visibility into their staff right at their fingertips. Not only does the solution significantly reduce the amount of time spent communicating with field personnel, but it also simplifies the process of assigning work orders, adjusting to unexpected delays and other issues that may take place.

With a mobile workforce management solution, dispatchers have an accurate, real-time overview of each and every tech in the field via a mapping app, which uses GPS signals to track field personnel. For example, if a tech were going to be late, dispatchers can communicate with the tech to determine their estimated time of arrival or if necessary assign another tech to fulfill the assignment.

During the day, dispatchers can locate the whereabouts of techs or trace actual routes, giving dispatchers visibility as to where techs were located since last checked.

Moreover, with access to past and current data, operators can easily and accurately assess the performance of their employees, as well as the overall effectiveness of staffing and scheduling. Besides tracking techs, mobile workforce management solutions help take the pressure off dispatchers by giving techs the ability to perform service provisioning and billing.

Don’t let what you don’t know hurt you, gain true visibility into your dispersed workforce with mobile workforce management solutions.

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