Second Screen Generation Highlights a Need for Advanced TV Everywhere

The proliferation of mobile devices has created a new breed of consumers.  Known as the “second screen generation,” these consumers engage online using a companion device such as a tablet or smartphone while simultaneously watching TV to connect and interact with others.

In fact, 90 percent of all media consumption – almost 4.4 hours per person per day – takes place across four screens including smartphones, tablets, personal computers and TVs. Moreover, a Business Insider report found that 85 percent of smartphones users reported participating in second screen-linked behavior at least once month, while over 60 percent admitted to this activity on a weekly basis.The explosion of the second screen supports the assertion that consumers prefer consuming content via mobile devices. So what does this mean for operators? With consumers using up to four screens to access content, operators must be able to deliver advanced TV Everywhere (TVE) services that incorporate live TV viewing features.

To take advantage of the second screen phenomenon, major cable operators and TVE players are offering their own TVE apps, or “open interfaces” that allow users and third-party companies to connect and interact with each other and programming simultaneously. According to Nielsen, these activities include – shopping, visiting social networks, searching for information related to programming, sifting for product information, and scouring for coupons and deals.