Video-On-Demand Seeing Tremendous Growth

While there’s been a lot of talk concerning the battle between OTT providers and TV Everywhere as of late, video-on-demand (VOD) has managed to slip under the radar. While in the past, viewers criticized cable providers for shoddy VOD services, today is certainly a different story.

“On-demand isn’t always the shiniest new technology. But we are seeing tremendous growth,” Matthew Strauss, who oversees digital strategy for Comcast, recently told the New York Times.An increasing number of operators are offering up TV episodes and movies through on-demand systems which can be accessed by subscribers from their set-top box. In fact, VOD views of ABC’s shows were up 32 percent this television season compared to last year’s. Moreover, Strauss claims that Comcast’s subscribers watch 400 million hours of programming on demand each month.

VOD has its many benefits one of the biggest being convenience as it’s already hooked up to the main television. Also, subscribers don’t have to plug in usernames or passwords to access content – which has been described as one of TVE’s biggest hurdles.

“The behavior has always been there, but what’s changed is that the technology has finally caught up,” added Strauss. “This on-demand platform is a better way to facilitate the desire of customers to binge view.”

With more consumers accessing VOD, it’s critical for operators to effectively manage VOD services. With the VOD/OTT module from GLDS, operators can process, authorize and bill for on-demand transactional content in real-time. While VOD services allow subscribers to order content any time, at their convenience, GLDS provides an additional layer of logic to offer a more revenue-secure way of delivering that content.

GLDS has already integrated with a number of mainstream VOD vendors for real-time authorization and billing.  Click here to learn more about how GLDS can connect you and your customers to a VOD platform.