Reduce Bad Debt and Protect Your Bottom Line with WinScore

With collections, losses from unreturned equipment and subscriber turnover at an all-time high, today cable and broadband providers can’t afford to take on high-risk subscribers. However, how does one determine a prospective subscriber’s payment behavior and risk for delinquency? With WinScore you can.WinScore from Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) seamlessly integrates SubscriberWise’s highly innovative risk assessment and management solutions with your WinCable subscriber management and billing system to help you make better, more informed business decisions. In fact, the solution – developed by a broadband service provider – leverages proprietary algorithms that weigh each factor according to what matters most to triple-play providers.

Through comprehensive individual risk profiles, WinScore gives your customer service representatives (CSRs) access to prospective customers’ FICO scores, collections incidents, late payments, length of credit file and more. This information can then be used to help set appropriate deposit limits and tailored offerings before you fork over valuable services and equipment.

Determining a prospective subscriber’s payment behavior and risk for delinquency not only helps to dramatically reduce bad debts by mitigating losses from unreturned equipment, but is also improves collections rates and prevents fraud.

Take it from Sandra Harrison of TVMAX: “Our non-returned equipment rate has dropped from 55 percent to 14 percent since we started using WinScore. Better still, the deposits we’ve collected so far will already cover more than 50 percent of the replacement expense.”

Don’t leave anything to chance. Take a proactive approach to risk management and reduce bad debt, offset equipment loss and improve your bottom line with GLDS’ WinScore.

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