A New Way of Billing with SuperBill form GLDS

How many times have you opened a bill, skimmed over the numbers and tossed it into a pile with other bills to collect dust? The odds are that you have and so have your customers. Billing is a necessary evil for all companies, but what if there was a way to use it to your advantage? What if there was a way to engage with customers through their monthly bill?  While it may sound crazy or impossible, with SuperBill from GLDS and Cash Cycle Solutions, you can.SuperBill is just that – super. SuperBill is a new way of billing, helping service providers and cable operators better communicate with their customers and ultimately drive revenue and customer loyalty. SuperBill takes what typically is an ordinary transactional document and turns it into a promotional document by including tailored product promotion and customer-based communication within the bill.

For example, do you have a new offering, product or service that you want to push to customers or do you want them to start utilizing their current solution more? With SuperBill, service providers and cable operators can create targeted messages promoting new services or offerings or simply engage with customers on what your company has been up to.

By directly engaging with customers, you can ensure that your customers’ eyes stay focused on you and your offerings. Face it: everyone has to open bills, so why not use it to your advantage to drive revenue and boost customer retention.

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