TV Everywhere Intensifies in the U.S

TV Everywhere (TVE) has been a key strategy in the pay-TV industry’s fight against over-the-top (OTT) providers and cord-cutters. However, many in the industry still doubt TVE’s ability to recoup control and customers, saying that TVE is still “not there.” Or is it? A new report from IHS is squashing any current doubt that TVE is “not everywhere.” The report states that all major U.S. pay-TV operators have implemented some form of TVE service. In particular, NBCUniversal is the TVE leader in the U.S giving customers access to TVE services through smartphones and tablets. NBCUniversal provides TVE service for 15 of its 18 channels to subscribers.

EPIX and HBO are also big players in the TVE space, supporting TVE services on more “second screen” devices than any other premium or basic cable network, according to the report. In October of 2009, EPIX launched its first TVE offering, formed by partners Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate. HBO followed in EPIX’s footsteps soon after launching its Web portal and TVE library in February of 2010.

“TV Everywhere has been developed as a collective strategy by both pay-TV operators and TV content owners to enhance the traditional linear TV proposition, so that secondary screens like tablets and smartphones can be used to view TV content in addition to the primary screen,” said Erik Brannon, analyst for U.S. cable networks at IHS.

What does the future hold for TVE? According to IHS, TVE is evolving past Apple iOS and Android. In fact, TVE apps from networks are becoming more widely available on a range of connected devices such as – smart TVs, video game consoles, Blu-ray players and other digital media products.

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