TVE’s Top Three Biggest Hurdles – Part Two

In order to regain control and customers back from over-the-top (OTT) providers, operators are dishing out TV Everywhere (TVE) services. For example, big names like Time Warner Cable, ABC Network and HBO are making certain programming available to subscribers and non-subscribers through multiple devices. Despite its growth, however, TVE still has a ways to go and currently faces many challenges.In continuation of our three-part series on the TVE’s top three biggest hurdles, let’s take a look at the second challenge below.

Lack of Bandwidth

With the growth of online content consumption through connected devices skyrocketing, there has been a massive increase in IP video traffic requiring companies to secure additional bandwidth. In fact, annual global IP traffic will surpass the zettabyte threshold by the end of 2016, according to an infographic titled “Keeping up with Bandwidth Demand?” by Connect.

With online content consumption showing no signs of slowing down, service providers are faced with optimizing what little bandwidth they currently have. Moreover, service providers must accommodate high-bandwidth activities like high definition streaming, DVR, video on-demand and mobile video. According to recent research, mobile data traffic is projected to grow 300 percent globally by 2017, led by video. Unfortunately, the reality is many service providers are not ready to support the massive demand for more bandwidth.

Be sure to stay tuned for part three of this series in which we’ll discuss the final TVE hurdle – advertising.