Forbes’ Top 7 Technology Trends for 2014 – Part One

The year is quickly coming to a close, and analysts are revealing their predictions for 2014. What does the year ahead hold for technology? Let’s take a look at the exciting predictions from Forbes magazine:

  1. Smart TV will become part of many households: Shipments of “smart” TVs are expected to reach 123 million in 2014, up from 84 million in 2012. Competition is expected to increase between major players in the connected television market, such as Samsung, Panasonic, and LG. Prices will most likely come down, making this technology more affordable and available for more consumers.
  2. More people will talk to their wrists: Smart watches, such as the highly anticipated Google watch, will become more widely available, allowing users to receive important emails, calls, and information on their watches rather than through their phones. Watches will also become even smarter, intuitively discerning which news, updates, and notifications users want to receive and responding better to voice commands.
  3. Google Glass will continue to advance, but slowly: Google’s augmented reality glasses are expected to become available to the general public next year, but the technology is still being developed by Google. Several million units are expected to sell in 2014, so chances are you might see a pair in real life. But, these glasses that will allow users to email, text, take photos and videos, and receive walking, cycling, or driving directions right through their field of vision are still a ways away from becoming common, everyday technology

2014 might well be the year of “connected everything” as devices continue to grow.  Of course GLDS is keeping a close eye on tech trends to help keep you ahead of customer demand.