What CES 2014 Has to Offer the TV Industry

It’s that time of year again. The annual Consumer Electronics Show runs this week, and there is plenty of buzz around what exciting TV technologies are slated to make an appearance. Forget the clunky set-top-boxes and legacy Blu-ray players, because this year’s show is one you don’t want to miss. Here’s a sneak peak at the five things we are most excited about.

  1. HDMI Streaming Products: Google really set the bar high when it released Chromecast, an easy to use HDMI streaming media player that allows users to enjoy online video and music on their TV. Don’t be surprised to see similar products at this year’s show from LG Electronics Inc., Alticast Corp., and Arris Group Inc.
  2. 4K TV: Polaroid, a name synonymous with photography, will be displaying its $1,000 (shocker!) 4K TV. Big-name companies like Broadcom Corp. and Advances Micro Devices Inc. also plan to show off their new products which will enable HEVC encoding and 4K–resolution TV.
  3. Cloud DVR: Several years after Cablevision Systems Corp. introduced its cloud DVR service, the cloud has finally taken off as other vendors, including Cisco Systems Inc. and Arris, will display their own cloud DVR solutions at this year’s show.
  4. Motion-Controlled User Interfaces: Pay-TV providers and consumer electronics companies are set to debut gesture-based controls for TV sets as well as motion-controlled user interfaces for everything from tablets to wearable devices.
  5. Glasses-free 3D: 3D hasn’t completely left the building yet. Companies like Stream TV Networks and Izon LLC are set to demo their 3D products at CES 2014…minus the funny-looking glasses.

Tell us… what are you most excited about at CES 2014?