Top Benefits of WinCable

Customer management is a challenge for many broadband operators, and an intuitive, less restrictive, cost-effective system specifically designed to handle it can be a huge advantage, not to mention weight lifted off their shoulders.

Great Lakes Data Systems’ flagship product, WinCable, is the leading PC-based billing and subscriber management system on the broadband services market. Discover how WinCable can help ease subscriber management for your organization.

  1. Customize your features: WinCable gives you the features you need to handle subscriber management, allowing you to skip extra, features you won’t use. Opt for the core WinCable platform, which lets you operate a basic, broadband system right out of the box. Or, choose value-focused add-on modules that meet your unique needs, such as driving additional revenue, reducing operating expenses, or enhancing the subscriber relationship.
  2. User-friendly: WinCable’s user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. It is also built from the ground up, rather than getting overlaid on outdated, legacy architecture like competing customer management offerings.
  3. Value options for subscribers, hassle-free: Get automated, intelligent package and promotional termed discounting with WinCable’s instant, on-screen analysis that makes even the most challenging marketing promotion easier.
  4. Control over data: Use the WinCable application when you want, how you want. Whether you decide to install WinCable on your site or use it as a cloud-based solution from the GLDS data center, you retain full control of your billing and subscriber management systems, with no penalties or added fees involved with doing things your way.
  5. Multiple platforms to keep pace with changing need: WinCable is available in two versions, each with its own functional focus. Choose the standard version if your system has up to 20,000 subscribers, or scale up to the enterprise version as your subscriber base grows.

No matter how many subscribers you have, WinCable can help you improve your bottom line and make subscriber management easier, streamlined, and more cost effective.