Adobe: TVE Homes Doubled in 2013

As more and more Americans add mobile devices to their technological arsenal—recent research indicates that more than half of adults own smartphones and about one-third own tablets—it makes sense that the number of households leveraging TV Everywhere services is on the rise. But perhaps most surprising than the actual volume of consumers is how quickly that number is increasing.

According to recent research conducted by Adobe, the amount of households using TV Everywhere services doubled in size during the first nine months of 2013. What’s more, the number of people watching television programming from tablets increased by 150 percent from 2012 to 2013; something at least partially attributed to the fact that the amount of content that could be delivered via TV Everywhere services increased by 240 percent during that same period.

Though that kind of growth is undoubtedly encouraging, cable providers still face a variety of challenges—such as authentication, awareness, personalization and gaining broader access to content—when it comes to deploying TV Everywhere services. In fact, according to data from a recent Gfk study, only 34 percent of surveyed consumers were familiar with the term “authentication.”

Because the future of the market is so bright, one expects such providers to devote appropriate resources toward addressing those aforementioned issues. In doing so, TV Everywhere providers will be able to effectively monetize on their service offerings while delivering a superior product of convenience to their customers.

Whatever the future may hold for the market, the fact remains that it’s an exciting time in the world of television.