Study Shows Second Screen Has Yet to Put a Large Dent in TV’s Influence

With all the hype surrounding over-the-top trends, one could easily be convinced that the rise of the second screen and mobile devices spells imminent doom for traditional cable providers. However, according to a new report, that’s not the case.

In the U.K. alone, there are 40 apps designed to be used in connection with television programming in some form or another. Still, the market remains “immature” and “still in a state of flux,” according to the report.

“Despite the hype, the available data do not support the view that the ‘battle for eyeballs’ is yet particularly intense,” the report reads. “If X-Factor has an audience of 11 million and its app has around 550,000 downloads, then 95 percent of eyeballs are still on the first screen.”

The second screen market is developing quickly, the report notes, but because it’s being spearheaded by a variety of different proprietary entities, there aren’t any unified synchronization standards.

“The lack of standards for both control and synchronization raises entry barriers and therefore could discourage the development of new apps,” the report reads, adding, however, that there is “no sign that the lack of open standards is currently harming innovation.”

The rise of the second screen market could have a positive effect on the refinement and evolution of the first screen market, the report indicates.

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