TV Everywhere’s Problem With Monetization

The concept of being able to watch your favorite television shows on whatever device you want wherever you happen to be is certainly alluring.

But the technology is not quite available yet. The reason could be that companies are still grappling with how to make their TV Everywhere initiatives profitable, suggested Melani Griffith, vice president at Penthera. Griffith recently spoke at Next TV Summit San Francisco, where she was joined on stage by other prominent figures in the digital media industry.“Nobody’s interested in doing this if nobody can make money,” she said, adding that “it’s just going to take some time” to figure out.

Guillaume Payan, senior product manager at Orange Silicon Valley, said that younger viewers are moving away from consuming content in a traditional sense. And as such, television companies need to figure out how to accommodate their changing preferences. To do that, they need to aggressively target every screen.

But with so many different devices—all with different graphics capabilities and resolutions—it’s certainly challenging for cable companies to refine their TV Everywhere offerings. As such, they have to determine how to get more content from more sources on more devices than ever before—while at the same time offering a seamless experience.

While cable companies might not be sure how to make money off of TV Everywhere just yet, as technology evolves, it’s only a matter of time before more viewers are leveraging the new television service. And you better believe that “the powers that be” will figure out how investments in TV Everywhere will make financial sense for them.