How TV Everywhere Is Evolving in the World of Cable News

Thanks to the evolution of networks and the rise of streaming media, many cable customers are now able to consume content on their mobile devices—so long as they have a reliable and fast Internet connection. This functionality, known as TV Everywhere, is becoming widespread. In fact, according to a report from Adobe, viewership of the services increased 246 percent from last year to now. As the infrastructure necessary to power the TV Everywhere ecosystem continues to improve, networks are finding even more uses for the technology. The most famous example? NBC’s coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In fact, the network said that 2.12 million unique users streamed the U.S.-Canada men’s hockey game, a record number of viewers for a TV Everywhere service. In the same sports vein, ESPN’s TV Everywhere offering has boasted similarly impressive results. The self-proclaimed worldwide leaders in sports announced that 1.7 million people used WatchESPN when the United States took on Germany in the 2014 World Cup. Recognizing that TV Everywhere can be successful in the non-sports world, too, CNN announced its TV Everywhere offering, CNNgo, earlier this year. When opened, the app plays whatever content CNN is showing on its channel. But users also have the ability to select among CNN’s social media posts, previously aired content and more. CNNgo “is all about control, whether it’s controlling what you watch or when you watch, how much depth you get around a particular segment, how you share it, how you personalize it,” explained Alex Wellen, CNN’s vice president of product, strategy and operations. “It really was all about control. The control in the past had always been inside the control room. Our goal was to put the customer inside the control room.” Today is the Age of the Consumer. Customers have grown to expect a customized experience, and any business that fails to understand this reality could very well become irrelevant.