Though It’s Still New, Research Proves TV Everywhere Adds Value in All Cases

Though the technology is still experiencing growing pains, TV Everywhere—the concept of allowing pay-TV users to view full-length programming on connected devices after authenticating their accounts—is a service that customers have grown to expect.

According to recent research by Viacom, an impressive 98 percent of customers say TV Everywhere adds value to their subscriptions. What’s more, two-thirds of those customers said the service adds “a lot” of value.In addition to those two facts, the research also uncovered the following:

  • 64 percent of customers said that thanks to TV Everywhere, they are watching more television than before; among millennials that number inches up to 72 percent.
  • 93 percent of customers indicated that they would stick with their current cable provider thanks to TV Everywhere.
  • 68 percent of respondents said they have a more favorable view of networks that offer TV Everywhere functionality.

But networks can still improve the service: According to the research, viewers want to be able to pause shows and pick them up later on; they want deeper content libraries; and they want it to be a whole lot easier to search for content. So while the technology is certainly game-changing as is, there’s still a lot of room for it to grow.

As technology continues to evolve and 4G and even 5G networks become both more sophisticated and more powerful, the demand for TV Everywhere services will only increase in a corresponding manner.

That’s because thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets, today’s customers have grown to expect an increasingly personalized experience. In the realm of television, TV Everywhere caters to that need, letting customers watch the programs they want the moment they want to watch them.