Adobe Study Shows TV Everywhere Usage Is Skyrocketing

With all of the talk about the benefits of TV Everywhere these days, you may be asking yourself the following question:  Is all of the hype real?

A recent study from Adobe shows that that it most certainly is.

When the report was released in November, 2014, TV Everywhere usage was up an overwhelming 467 percent over the previous 24 months. In fact, as of Q4 2014, 12.5 percent of pay TV subscribers were actively engaging with content in TV Everywhere format. This figure represents threefold growth from Q1 2013.

A noteworthy finding from the report is that while there were no major sporting events during the final few months of 2014 (with the exception of the World Series in October) viewership still remained strong which shows that TV Everywhere can sustain a healthy subscriber base without having to rely on premium events like boxing matches, or tournaments such as the Olympics or NCAA March Madness.

Perhaps most importantly, the Adbobe report also suggests that TV Everywhere should just now be moving into a phase of greater adoption among pay TV customers. At the time the report was released a few months ago, it predicted that TV Everywhere was moving out of its nascent stage, as “early adopters” were giving way to “the early majority” of users. Adobe predicts this transition would occur in just a few quarters.

As a cable television provider, it’s therefore time to recognize the fact that your customers want to access content on more devices than just their television screens. By offering premium content on demand via the Internet, you can cater to the TV Everywhere crowd and in doing so, make your business even more appealing.

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