Help Your Television Customers Help Themselves

Stop and analyze all of the customer complaints that are pouring into your cable company’s contact center. There’s Jeff, for instance, who can’t access the premium content he purchased five hours ago. Mary wants to see exactly how much she paid for all of her combined services last month. And Joe is just trying to figure out why his cable service won’t turn on.

What do all three customers have in common? None of them would have had to call in the first place if they had the ability to request services or view their account information online. As a result, they’re taking time that they could otherwise be enjoying their favorite shows—and purchasing on demand content—and wasting it while waiting on hold to speak with customer care agents. Furthermore, your contact center is backed up due heavy call volumes which is increasing wait times.

Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) can easily solve these issues and streamline customer service in your organization through its Web-based CableAnytime solution for its WinCable service. Using this advanced Web portal, customers can gain access to the following features:

Pay-per-view ordering: Content can be made available at the time of purchase, rather than having to wait several hours for authentication purposes.

Payment history: Give customers a window into how much they have paid your company for services over time.

Call Detail Records: Let’s face it—not every problem can be addressed online. When customers dial into your contact center, give them access to previous call records for their convenience and to help with disputes.

View Bills: Customers will be more apt to pay their bills on time when they can see exactly how much they owe over the Web. It’s a much more efficient process than sending bills via snail mail, which often wind up in the trash can before they are ever opened. Customers can also use this feature to sign up for recurring billing.

CableAnytime also provides a window for customers to easily report problems, which gives them an outlet at any time of the day or night. This feature will prevent customers from getting the dreaded “after hours” message on your interactive voice response system.

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