Cloud Billing Top Myths Debunked

Your business’s current billing system has served your enterprise well up until this point. But now, with the communications landscape becoming a moving target and customer demands increasing, your billing system is just not capable of delivering the high level of performance that your customers expect and that you want to provide. As a result, you are considering investing in a cloud billing solution that will afford your business greater capacity, real-time responses and improved resiliency.

As you research whether the cloud is right for your business, steer clear of the following myths:

Myth: Cloud solutions are not secure.

Truth: The cloud can actually be much more secure than your current network, as maintaining a secure legacy network is difficult and requires the attention of full-time staff. On the other hand, when you invest in the services of a cloud billing provider, you will gain access to a full suite of next-generation network solutions equipped with the latest security protocols and expert guidance from an in-house team of dedicated engineers.

Myth: Data visibility is limited in the cloud.

Truth: Investing in a cloud billing platform may seem scary since it requires storing your data offsite, but the truth is that you will see your subscriber information like you never have before. Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS), for instance, offers a subscriber management system that provides real-time customer information over a central Web-based hub. Accordingly, you can see all of the transactions that are happening over your network as they happen.

Myth: Cloud networks are no faster than legacy networks.

Truth: A cloud billing platform comes with much more than first-class infrastructure. You will also gain access to advanced software that will help you speed up the time and accuracy of your customer reports. Using GLDS, for instance, you could turn an hour-long procedure into a process that takes just minutes.

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