Keep Your Subscribers Tuned In Longer With TV Everywhere

As a cable television provider, your main objective is to keep subscribers watching television for as many hours per day as possible. After all, this is how your business makes money; if people watch less television, network ratings drop and advertising dollars decrease.

Cable subscribers have long been faced with a challenge, however, when it comes to keeping viewers watching the tube: Even people who love watching television, and tune in regularly every day, can only spend a finite amount of time glued to the television set due to other responsibilities. You can’t, in other words, bring your 42-inch television with you to the supermarket, auto repair shop or for a walk. As a result, according to Nielsen, the average American watches about five hours of TV per day. Nielsen’s report also confirms that the majority of television watching happens at home.

In actuality, however, this figure could be much higher thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices that allow consumers to engage in multimedia experiences while on the go. About two-thirds of Americans, for instance, are smartphone owners and capable of using these devices to watch streaming video online. Further, there are laptops, tablets and even desktops to consider as alternative viewing platforms.

You can capitalize on your customers’ affinity for mobile viewing by incorporating TV Everywhere into your main product portfolio. TV Everywhere will allow you to showcase live premium content online, so that it can be accessed over the Web as opposed to a cable television line.

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