TV Everywhere and Cable: Better Together

Picture this: You get home from a long day of work, and you are exhausted. So the first thing you do is head to the living room for some hard-earned cable television viewing. You don’t want to make any decisions about what to watch; you just want to flip through the channels and unwind.

Later in the evening, however, it’s a different story: You’re ready to tune into your favorite premium content, while you run on your treadmill. So you leverage your TV Everywhere solution and watch your program on your tablet.

As this example shows, cable television and TV Everywhere offer an ideal package for consumers. Cable television provides the backbone of consistent every-day programming, while TV Everywhere facilitates a highly customizable experience. In other words, the offerings complement each other and can easily coexist side by side.

By offering both cable television service and TV Everywhere to your customers, they will benefit from a more flexible package—as well as a service that is in high demand. Last year, in fact, TV Everywhere grew an overwhelming 467 percent among TV subscribers. By offering both services, you can prevent cord-cutting and retain a higher number of viewers who might otherwise consider migrating to Internet-based viewing.

The industry is changing, but the changes are positive and can greatly enhance your current cable subscription offerings. So as you look to the future, it’s time to get excited about how TV Everywhere can help grow your business.

Are you offering both TV Everywhere and cable television to your customers? Tell us about your experience!