TV Everywhere Adds Value to TV Subscriptions

Are you looking for a way to add value to your customers’ cable TV experience? If so, you would be well-advised to look into TV Everywhere. This business model allows customers to access content over their Internet service instead of through a coaxial cable.

Research shows that an overwhelming 98 percent of users claim that TV Everywhere adds value to their pay TV subscriptions. Further, 67 percent claim that it adds “a lot” of value.

Even better, 93 percent claim they are more likely to stay with their provider thanks to TV Everywhere.

Why are cable subscribers so excited about TV Everywhere? A big reason is that content is currently king in the media industry. Television subscribers want to be able to access their favorite shows where and when they want; they don’t, in other words, want to worry about missing television programs or being bound to the living room sofa to access them. While there is still a strong demand for traditional cable viewing experiences, consumers want to access media on demand, over any device of their choice.

Your company can use TV Everywhere to make this demand a reality for your subscribers. By offering a TV Everywhere package, you will show your consumers that you are committed to embracing their demand for content, while also continuing to provide traditional cable experience.

Here at Great Lakes Data Systems, we are ready to help you add TV Everywhere to your existing cable television model. Click here for more information.