Top FAQs About TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere is one of the most exciting trends occurring in the television industry today. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about this new technology to see how your enterprise could benefit from it.

What is TV Everywhere? It involves streaming content over the Internet as opposed to offering it through existing subscription services. TV Everywhere is highly customizable; it allows viewers to leverage content on demand over a variety of different devices besides their traditional television screens.

How can it help my business profit? By offering TV Everywhere, for instance, along with a self-care portal, you can make it easier for customers to purchase and access premium on-demand content that they may otherwise bypass.

Is TV Everywhere popular among cable subscribers? The short answer is yes; last year, the number of unique TV Everywhere viewers increased by 117 percent from the year before. Authenticated video starts increased by 266 percent year over year.

Is it just for large operators? While many larger operators are using TV Everywhere, it’s also very useful for helping small operators perform like a much bigger network. Using TV Everywhere, for instance, you can provide next-generation viewing experiences that cross multiple devices and settings.

Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) is dedicated to helping cable operators integrate TV Everywhere into their main product portfolios. Through its advanced self-care portal, CableAnytime, GLDS makes it possible to offer access to a slew of streaming content, as well as billing and account management features, over a central Web-based hub.

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