Study Shows Drop in Cord Cutting in Q1 2015

Cable television operators across the U.S. are ecstatic after an overall reduction in quarterly losses in Q1 2015.

Since Q4 2014, research from IHS Technology shows that only 132,900 subscribers terminated their contracts, a process commonly referred to as “cord cutting.”

It’s an encouraging sign, offsetting widespread fear among cable operators about the business effects of cord cutting.

IHS Technology senior analyst Erik Brannon spoke about the findings in a recent DigiTimes article. “Cable’s strong performance in the first quarter signals that the maturation of the U.S. pay-TV business is nearly complete,” he said. “Significant gains for telco IPTV players are coming to an end, as cable companies have lately done a better job reducing churn.”

Brannon went on to speak about how growth in high-speed data and bundling are helping the cable industry, and how improved execution—as well as technological developments—are playing major roles in reducing subscriber losses.

The time is right, therefore, to stop and think about what your business is doing to prevent cord-cutting. One major technological improvement that you can use to make your business more appealing is to integrate TV Everywhere into your product portfolio. TV Everywhere will allow your customers to stream premium multimedia content over any device, at any time. Instead of just offering content over a basic television screen, in other words, you can use TV Everywhere to make it available over a smartphone, tablet or computer screen.

Indeed, it’s an exciting time for the cable TV industry. Click here to learn more about how Great Lakes Data Systems can help your business embrace TV Everywhere and make the rest of 2015 a year of gains, not losses.