Apple TV Continues to Surge

Consumers are growing increasingly interested in TV Everywhere, and Apple TV is leading the movement, a recent study from Adobe shows.

According to the Adobe Digital Index, viewing share per device for Apple TV increased from 5 percent in Q4 2014 to 10 percent in Q1 2015.

Why are consumers so interested in Apple TV? The device allows consumers to view television shows, movies and music over an IP-enabled television. Consumers can also surf the Web or play games on the device, as opposed to having to use an iPad.

This is a double-edged sword for broadband service providers. While it’s possible for an operator to package broadband access in a way that addresses the bandwidth consumed, most operators don’t. Moreover, OTT content purchased from third parties, represents a slow bleed away from the operators own video offerings.  As a result, many operators are losing more than they are making with surging Apple TV usage.

Only time will tell how the Apple TV scenario will play out. Until usage-based internet becomes more popular, operators will have to get innovative to reduce churn and keep viewers interested in pay TV.

Do you have any suggestions for dealing with Apple TV consumption? We want to know!