As Consumers Move From Hardware to Software, Broadband Providers Seek Solutions

A recent study by S3 Group, a wireless, communications infrastructure, digital TV, healthcare and semiconductor solution provider based in Ireland, found that pay TV operators are facing new challenges in the shift from hardware to software.

The S3 Group study revealed the following findings:

  • Of top priorities, 41 percent of participants rated service availability; 32 percent ranked speed, and 27 percent listed efficiency.
  • 50 percent are currently implementing multi-screen TV software releases more so than last year.
  • Of that 50 percent, 46 percent are incrementing software releases by more than 20 percent this year; 39 percent between 11-20 percent, and 15 percent by 10 percent or less.

These substantial changes in the market are creating the need for fully-integrated security to guarantee consumers have real-time access to the services they subscribe to, without unrequested add-ons. For broadband providers, a company like GLDS can address many consumer concerns with 24/7 year-round Internet-based self-care. Its patented service, CableAnytime, which is integrated with WinCable® billing and SuperController™ addressable/PPV software, allows6 customers to immediately upgrade to new premium services, order Pay-Per-View, view bills, call detail records, and payment history.

With additional features, such as, pay by credit card, sign-up for recurring billing, and troubleshooting, subscribers have complete control over the broadband services, while securing their billing data with a personalized login and password.

For broadband providers accommodating new software clients, GLDS is a comprehensive solution for platform hosting, security certificate maintenance and PCI compliance. The customizable GLDS platform maintains your brand identity, while providing subscribers with state-of-the art service to ensure your subscriptions are easily accessible and your billing is up to date.