Three Creative Bundles to Check Out

Right now, cable operators across the globe are looking for new ways of delivering video services to their customers. Many are looking to “skinny” bundled offerings—that is slimmed-down, customizable network packages—as viable alternatives to offering 100 or more channels.

Some companies, however, are choosing to take this practice a step further and are getting creative with their bundled offerings. As explained in a recent Business Insider article, a new type of bundle is emerging that offers much more than just video services.Here are a few companies outside the traditional cable space that are taking this approach, and in doing so provide some interesting food for thought:

Amazon: Amazon is leading the pack with this strategy, with its Prime service—one of the most extensive bundled offerings on the market. With Amazon Prime, customers get access to not only streaming television but also music and movies. Customers also receive free two-day shipping on Amazon products and the ability to rent Kindle books.

ROK Mobile: ROK Mobile is an interesting player in this space, as they are a small MVNO who has, up until this point, been offering monthly phone service, data coverage and streaming music. Recently, there has been talk that ROK will add streaming video to its bundle, too.

YouTube Red: YouTube still offers the free streaming video service that launched it to the top of the market. But now, for $9.99 per month, users can receive access to original, exclusive shows and streaming music. Consumers can’t access in-demand content, but they do get a few different options for a small monthly fee.

So keep an eye on these companies, and watch how their decisions impact the market in the coming months. Whether or not you choose to implement creative bundles of your own, it’s good to know what’s happening in the industry.