TVE Use Is Growing Among U.S. Pay-TV Consumers

Is your network currently offering TV Everywhere (TVE), or authenticated video, to its customers in addition to the basic cable television that it offers?  A recent study from Parks Associates shows that TVE use is thriving.

According to its “Entertainment Habits on Connected CE Devices”, 40 percent of pay-TV consumers are now using TVE. In 2013, this figure was hovering around 22 percent which demonstrates noteworthy growth in this market.

At least 23 percent of respondents reported that they use TVE at least once per month.

What’s causing the increased adoption of TVE?

In the report, Parks Associates research analyst Glenn Hower explained it this way: “Content providers have been extremely aggressive in promoting their authenticated catch-up services, which is helping create traction for authenticated TV Everywhere services in the digital entertainment household.”

What this increased usage means for service providers and content companies, he added, is that “they will need to “expand their big data capabilities, allowing them to create even more personalized services for their subscribers and viewers.”

One of the main reasons why operators offer TVE solutions, apart from its being more consumer-centric, is to increase customer attention to their services. In the past, operators could only reach consumers in their homes; now, TVE services can follow them wherever they have access to broadband or mobile Internet connectivity.

Customers are using these services; they are still popular and in-demand. As this is the case, offering them is likely to drive profits for your organization.

Are you currently offering TVE services to your customers?