What on Earth Is Wurl?

There is a new streaming service provider that is gaining a great deal of attention. The company is called Wurl, and it’s now offering what they call “the world’s first streaming cable network.”

What makes Wurl different from other streaming service providers? Wurl delivers over-the-top (OTT) content through multichannel video programming distributor- owned set-top boxes.

The Palo Alto-based company is marketing its new service as a way to enhance the pay TV experience.

“This is a very cable-friendly way to let pay TV subscribers access streaming content,” explained CEO and co-founder Sean Doherty in a recent Multichannel article.

Interestingly, this OTT service does not cost pay TV operators any money. According to Multichannel, Wurl generates revenue using a cloud-based ad management system.

How are cable operators responding to Wurl? To date, over 50 operators have signed up for the service, representing a total of 13.5 million subscribers.

Regardless of whether you are for or against Wurl, we think we’ll see more of this type of service. Consumers are now demanding high quality streaming video experiences that work in conjunction with their pay TV platforms. So we expect to see the convergence of streaming video and pay TV services in the future as companies like Wurl look to break down this silo.

Here at GLDS, we maintain that this convergence will be a blessing for the pay TV industry. We believe that OTT content will ultimately enhance the pay TV experience—not destroy it. If cable operators and OTT and streaming video providers can work together, the two can offer complimentary services that will boost profits and possibly reduce the negative impact of cord cutting.