Here’s The Rundown On MoCA 2.1

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) recently released two important firmware feature upgrades on top of MoCA 2.0 technology. The upgrades include MoCA 2.1 (offering 500 Mbps throughput) and MoCA 2.1 Bonded (offering 1 Gbps throughput).

These are the features you will find in version 2.1:

MoCA 2.1 contains a dedicated management proxy for the management of nodes that do not have upper layer management support. MoCA 2.1 also contains a protected setup feature, for the simple setup of new nodes using unique push-button password sharing.

What’s more, MoCA 2.1 supports network-wide beacon power management, for improved control of peak signal power. It also enables bridge detection. Now it’s possible to see which nodes belong to different networks. It’s also possible to block neighboring businesses from forming a common network.

Perhaps most importantly, MoCA 2.1 offers enhanced privacy features. Mangers can secure their data communications with a longer password. Managers can also control data forwarding for legacy nodes between MoCA 2.1 nodes.

As MoCA explained following the release, service providers can now use the features offered in MoCA 2.1/ 2.1 Bonded to migrate to MoCA 2.5 as bandwidth needs increase.

“We now offer a broad suite of specifications inclusive of various performance modes and features providing the versatility to support and compliment IOT,” stated MoCA President Charles Cerino.

Altogether, MoCA is now offering the following standards: MoCA 1.0, MoCA 1.1, MoCA 2.0, MoCA 2.0 Bonded, MoCA 2.1, MoCA 2.1 Bonded and MoCA 2.5.