Top Challenges Facing The Cable Industry

Let’s be honest: There has never been a more stressful time to be a cable operator! The industry is going through a time of rapid change and development. And there is no telling what the cable landscape will look like this time next year.

Here is a list of some of the top issues facing the cable industry today:

Cord cutting: This has been an issue for the better part of the last five years. But look around: Despite all of the ballyhooing about how cord cutting will be the end of cable, the industry is still standing. In fact, many cable operators are now looking at cord-cutting differently. Some are actually embracing cord-cutting, believing that it’s the way of the future. Here at GLDS, we think the two services can coexist as complimentary services.

Set-top-boxes: The FCC may have postponed its “unlock the box” vote. But that does not mean the issue is going away. Cable operators need to start planning ahead for a possible future where cable customers can use third party applications in lieu of set-top-boxes. If the FCC has its way, this could result in a huge loss of annual revenue.

Bandwidth: Companies offering Internet service should look to fiber optic communication, as it enables faster connections and more bandwidth. The days of copper cable are coming to an end.

Changing customer demands: Cable providers are encouraged to offer flexible bundled offerings that give consumers more of a say in the volume, and variety, of their monthly content. The majority of customers no longer want massive, rigid cable plans.

What are some other issues facing the cable industry?