Consumers are Raving About Skinny Bundles

For the last few years, consumer interest has been steadily growing in “skinny bundle” style cable packages.

What exactly is a skinny bundle? Simply put, it’s a cable package that comes with only a select few channels as opposed to the standard 100 to 200 or more. Skinny bundles are typically much cheaper than traditional packages, and they also allow customers to select the options they want to receive.

Customers benefit tremendously from skinny bundles, saving a great deal of money while also avoiding content overload. Oftentimes, customers will only watch a select few channels and so they do not want to pay for excess content they do not use. For example, think of the type of consumer that only watches sports and news, and little else. That consumer does not want to pay for much more and is therefore, a prime candidate to cut their cord.

As such, skinny bundles are helping to reduce cord cutting. Instead of canceling their expensive cable packages, many customers are choosing to keep their subscriptions, but with slimmed-down, customized offerings.

Research, it should be noted, shows that customers are very happy when using skinny bundles.

In one study, 86 percent of subscribers to online skinny bundle pay TV services rated their service value positively. 49 percent rated their service “very good,” and 37 percent rated it as “good.” 11 percent of people who use a live streaming pay TV service like DirectTV and Sling TV were neutral about their value. And only 3 percent said these services have poor value.

So if you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to consider offering skinny bundles to your customers.