NASDAQ Predicts Possible Convergence in Telecom and Cable TV-media

As we prepare to turn the corner into the holiday season, it’s worth looking ahead and speculating what the next year will bring in the pay TV industry.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who are interested in seeing what the next year will bring. From what we have been reading, there is reason to believe that next year could be a wild ride.

NASDAQ, for instance, recently tackled this question on its website: Is Telecom-Cable TV-Media Convergence Inevitable?

As it turns out, this could happen. As NASDAQ explained, the domestic media landscape is rapidly changing. And as it continues to do so, there is speculation that we could see some big mergers and acquisitions between cable TV, telecom and media companies next year.

According to NASDAQ, there are several factors that could cause this to happen. For instance, the economy is expected to roar in 2018 and that will in turn boost demand for real-time voice, data and video services. As such, more media companies will look to partner with telecom companies to streamline content delivery to end users.

Other influencing factors that could contribute to convergence include increasing demand for quad play (voice/ mobile/ data/ video) services and a changing digital advertisement market. Experts are predicting that we could see more industry overlap next year, as cable, telecom and media companies look to partner together to pool their resources and achieve mutual growth.

So, what do you think will happen next year? To access the full article, click here.