Who Has More Subscribers: Netflix or Cable?

The recent acquisition of Fox by Disney has everyone talking about Hulu and the new streaming video landscape. But another report has quietly been making the rounds that shows just how insignificant Hulu is in the long run.

According to the report, from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the number of Americans that subscribe to Cable TV is now equal to the number that subscribe to Netflix.

This is a staggering finding, and shows just how big of a competitor Netflix has become over the last few years. In the three-month period ending September 30, it should be noted, Netflix reportedly added 850,000 U.S. subscribers.

What’s more, the study also shows that 73 percent of respondents subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service, which is a decrease from 76 percent in 2016 and 79 percent in 2015. So this supports the claim that cable television is on the decline.

As we have pointed out in the past, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for cable operators. The goal now should be to start looking for ways to capitalize more on streaming video services. By offering high quality and affordable broadband, you can capitalize on consumers that like to stream heavy amounts of data on a monthly basis.

So in this new year, ask yourself: what are you doing to prepare your business for the long-term over-the-top viewing battle? Now is the time to look ahead and consider making strategic decisions to capitalize on the demand for OTT services.