Frustrated Customers Are Turning to TV Antennas for Free Content

For many frustrated pay-TV consumers, the need for local content is the only thing that is keeping them from severing their cable cords. Many people want to abandon cable, but do not want to lose access to features like local news, weather and so forth.

Of course, there is a way around this problem: TV antennas, which — for a small, one-time fee — allow customers to receive free local content without having to pay for larger television packages.

Many people are choosing to pair TV antennas with over-the-top subscription services in order to receive both interesting content, and important local channels.

“Once you buy the antenna, the programming you get is free,” Consumer Reports electronics editor Jim Wilcox recently stated. “So you get all your basic local channels and you don’t have to pay anything, and that’s really appealing to people who are spending more than $100 a month to get a paid TV package.”

What’s more, television antennas provide a clear picture as long as there is adequate reception. So it’s a win-win for consumers.

So as you can see, while this is great for consumers it’s a growing concern for cable operators as it’s yet another plug that they have to fill in the fight against cord cutting. While it’s probably not going to take down the industry, or even make a major dent, it is something that operators should be paying attention to while forming strategies for 2018.

What are your thoughts on TV antennas?