BAM! Session List

May 6-9, 2019

Semi-Final Session List as of 3/11/19


In an effort to create a more engaging, results-focused experience for attendees, BAM! takes a more hands-on training, configuration and discussion approach, rather than on more traditional (talk at me) information sessions. Yes, you’ll still hear where we’ve been, and where we’re going – and have the ability to speak into both.  We simply try to offer a more engaging experience with plenty of hands-on workshops and roundtables.  To make the most of this event, attendees should bring a laptop with pre-configured remote access back to your company’s BroadHub and SuperController platforms.

While you’ll find an event overview below, we expect to provide a more detailed schedule in early 2019.

Please bring a laptop, preconfigured with remote access into your production BroadHub and SuperController platforms.

BroadHub Laptop

Optional Sessions (Monday)

  • Power Users: 11:15a-4:00p / Are you struggling with the challenges of operating a large MSO? Then this intensive workshop is for you. We’ll start with lunch together at 11:30 on Monday, and then share ideas on best practices for Power Users like you, in operations like yours. We’ll spend three hours in a round-table meeting where you can discuss your top priority topics – with GLDS and with one another. Don’t worry, we’ll be done in plenty of time for the Welcome Reception Monday night. The Power User session is available at an additional expense and is intended for experienced BroadHub users only – no newbies please.
  • Reporting Essentials: 8:45a-4:00p / Need hands-on report writing training? In conjunction with BAM, we’re offering a day-long report-writing basics workshop on Monday. Restricted to just 8 operators, one student per operator, you’ll spend the day in a GLDS training room with business intelligence specialists. We’ll bring an outline of basic reporting topics, but we recommend that you help shape the topics with your ideas for this special session.

General Sessions (Tuesday-Thursday AM)

  • State of the Company/Market: We’ll look at GLDS strategy within the context of current industry events. Garrick will take us through the state of the company, discuss company philosophies, and paint a picture of what you can expect in the months and years ahead. We’ll hear perspectives on near and long-term opportunities in Broadband, including home/community wi-fi, metered billing, full duplex, smart cities, new competitors and more.
  • BroadHub Review: While we typically introduce one major release per year, it’s been a busy year for GLDS, and our user base. The public release of BAM! at BAM!18 was BroadHub 2.0.14; this year, we’re live with version 2.4.x. Learn about everything that’s changed and gain insight as to where we plan to take the platform. We’ll even give you a sneak peek of a new module available in version 2.5.
  • Commercial Services Update: Over the last couple of years, we’ve added a suite of new features, designed to better address management of commercial customers. The bulk of the effort is complete and were ready to show off Custom Rates, Contact Management, Business Names, Roll-Up Billing and Contracts. We’ll fly over each before we dig in deep in later break-out sessions.
  • Case for Integration: Long considered a cornerstone of our strategy, GLDS offers interfaces to more than 70 different third-party partners ranging in scope from text imports/exports to fully automated multi-vendor, multi-service provisioning flows. We’ll talk about the value of pre-integration, and of automation, and take a “big picture” look at what options you have available to you today.
  • Report Designer Improvements: We’ve updated, and standardized how we describe reports, and communicate their scope and purpose. You’ll learn more about these changes and discover what they mean for you.
  • MyBroadbandMarket Review & Demo: We’ve always maintained that your customers should be able to get help when they want, where they want. GLDS has taken that to the next level with the introduction of our customer-facing shopping mall, called MyBroadbandMarket. With it, your prospective customers can also get help when they want, where they want. MyBroadbandMarket can take your prospective customer from website visitor to educated shopper, or even fully-empowered buyer.
  • BroadHub Tips and Tricks: GLDS solutions are the result of more than 40 years of development, and they have been installed more than 800 times in 47 countries worldwide. No two operators use our systems the same way so, as you can imagine, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re an Admin, or a CSR, we’ll share some little-known system hacks and show you how to make the most of your BroadHub experience.
  • BroadHub Sales: Empower your field sales team and give them real-time access to a user-friendly version of BroadHub. Automation helps even the most basic users sell products, schedule work orders, and strike while the iron is hot.
  • BroadHub Care, Feeding and Administration: Purposeful management of the BroadHub platform can mean the difference between sleeping well and losing it all. From backups and restores, to using BroadHub in a PCI-compliant way, we’ll take you through the ins-and-outs and make sure you’re not the subject of our next disaster recovery case study. We’ll even talk through ensuring data integrity and the cleanup and purge of old, unused data.
  • Wish List (wouldn’t be BAM! without it): You’ll engage GLDS Product Marketing and Development teams in telling us what you wish our products could/should do. We’ll invite you to submit formal Wish List items earlier in the week and we’ll take this time to discuss them ensuring we understand the requirements and looking for possible best practices you could put to use now.

Breakout Sessions (Some sessions will be offered multiple times/days)

  • Work Orders Today: It doesn’t generate any revenue for you; Customers never see it. However, most operators wouldn’t get much done without Work Orders. Because the scope of field work has changed so much over the years, GLDS continues to develop this very important feature. We’ll step through its evolution, show you the latest, and get hands-on to ensure you’re making the most of BroadHub Work Order management.
  • Billing System Administration and Reporting Roundtable: This multi-purpose session will be hosted by GLDS front-line management, Support and Implementations team members. This is your opportunity to ask those nagging questions, and to learn best practices from other operators. We’ll focus specifically on BroadHub Administration and Reporting.
  • SuperController Roundtable: Managing FTTH, Equipment & Automation Best Practices: You have invested heavily, or soon will, in Fiber. From native ONT management that controls specific services on specific ports, to sequenced provisioning that safeguards ALL network elements are activated and deactivated properly. Dig deep and learn how best to manage Fiber with BroadHub and SuperController. Not launching fiber? Bring any and all SuperController questions to the table for hands-on help with your topics.
  • Reporting One-on-One with Eric Cotting: Designed as one-hour sessions, you bring the topic and we’ll bring the training. Eric will come ready to talk through BroadHub Report Designer, writing SQL, and even Data Dictionary. The custom one-on-one sessions are for those who want to take their existing reporting skills to the next level; no reporting newbies, please. Watch your email on April 2nd for your opportunity to register for one of four sessions being offered.
  • Custom Rates & Discounting: Custom Rates was developed with commercial customers in mind and we’ve made it easy for you to configure and use immediately. On the other hand, Intelligent Discounts (combining packages) and Promotional Discounts (timed discounts) can be complex and customers don’t always take full advantage of the features available. We’ll give you an overview of each, teach you configuration basics, and then help you build Custom Rates and your ideal discounts, directly in your own BroadHub platform.
  • Commercial: Roll-up Billing: Built primarily to better manage commercial customers, BroadHub now offers the ability to take charges associated with service delivered to commercial subsidiaries (remote offices) and bill them instead to a corporate office. An all new eBill, as well as an updated SuperBill export, give you ultimate control over how to bill, and communicate charges, to commercial accounts. No, this isn’t your dad’s “Parent-Child” relationship.  Get hands-on and find out how to make the most of this important commercial account tool.
  • Commercial: Contracts: BroadHub now offers the ability to collect packages and discounts and apply time-based business rules to them to build a contract. That contract now takes on a life of its own with automatic price increases, early termination penalties and more. Get hands-on and find out how to make the most of this important commercial account tool.
  • Outbound Messaging Configuration: Outbound Messaging has hit its stride and is now a critical part of many operators’ customer service strategies. Supporting more than 62 different triggers across multiple communication mediums, it’s getting bigger and better with every release. Customers can talk back to you, cancel work orders, check their balance or confirm appointment times, all via text message. You’ll learn how to take advantage of this important platform, and step through the basics of message configuration.
  • SuperController One-on-One: Designed as one-hour sessions, you bring the topic and we’ll bring the training. Our Addressable Engineers will come ready to talk through your SuperController challenges and ensure you have the tools you need to properly troubleshoot, care for, and maintain the platform. Watch your email on April 2nd for your opportunity to register for one of four sessions being offered.
  • Preparing for BroadHub Upgrades: Yes, we understand (first hand) the difficulty in keeping up with the volume of changes within the BroadHub platform. However, the pace of the industry demands more of the platform than ever before and GLDS is committed to ensuring the product meets tomorrow’s market requirements. That means change, and lots of it. The list of things to check, and data to clean, grows longer with each new version. Join us as we look as some of the most significant gotchas we’ve seen in recent releases and then help you better prepare for your next upgrade.  
  • eBill Overhaul: We didn’t mean to do it. What started as an ability to email a PDF-copy of the BroadHub 3-Message statement, has evolved into something completely unexpected. Beginning with BroadHub 2.3, the GLDS eBill has taken on a whole new life. Leveraging much of BroadHub SuperBill functionality, the eBill now allows users complete, on-screen control of layout, grouping, and sorting. With these new features, you’ve got the ability to create a stellar bill. In this breakout session we’ll show you how to make the most of the changes and discuss similar third-party print and mail options to compliment the new eBill format.

Group Activities (fun)

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