BAM! DRAFT Schedule

May 6-9, 2019

Draft Schedule as of 1/8/19


In an effort to create a more engaging, results-focused experience for attendees, BAM! takes a more hands-on training, configuration and discussion approach, rather than on more traditional (talk at me) information sessions. Yes, you’ll still hear where we’ve been, and where we’re going – and have the ability to speak into both.  We simply try to offer a more engaging experience with plenty of hands-on workshops and roundtables.  To make the most of this event, attendees should bring a laptop with pre-configured remote access back to your company’s BroadHub and SuperController platforms.

While you’ll find an event overview below, we expect to provide a more detailed schedule in early 2019.

Please bring a laptop, preconfigured with remote access into your production BroadHub and SuperController platforms.

BroadHub Laptop

Optional Sessions (Monday)

  • Power Users: Are you struggling with the challenges of operating a large MSO? Then this intensive workshop is for you. We’ll start with lunch together at 11:30 on Monday, and then share ideas on best practices for Power Users like you, in operations like yours. We’ll spend three hours in a round-table meeting where you can discuss your top priority topics – with GLDS and with one another. Don’t worry, we’ll be done in plenty of time for the Welcome Reception Monday night. The Power User session is available at an additional expense and is intended for experienced BroadHub users only – no newbies please. We will not spend much time discussing WinCable. The best way forward for WinCable users would be to upgrade BroadHub.
  • Reporting Essentials: Need hands-on report writing training? In conjunction with BAM, we’re offering a day-long report-writing workshop on Monday. Restricted to just 8 operators, one student per operator, you’ll spend the day in a GLDS training room with business intelligence specialists. We’ll bring an outline of advanced reporting topics, but we recommend that you help shape the topics with your ideas for this special session. We’ll teach you, but the day is designed to get your questions answered and show you how and where to get the data you need.

General Sessions (Tuesday-Thursday AM)

  • Keynote: We’ll look at GLDS strategy within the context of current industry events. We will step through the state of the company, discuss philosophies, and paint a picture of what you can expect in the months and years ahead.
  • State of the Industry: What do we see? What do you see? We’ll hear perspectives on near and long-term opportunities in Broadband, including home/community wi-fi, metered billing, smart cities, new competitors and more.
  • BroadHub Update: Where’s the product been, and where’s it going? While we’ll discuss commercial services separately, this session will cover all product advances since BAM!18.
  • Commercial Services: BroadHub 2.3 & 2.4 Updates and Demonstration of new features. Both BroadHub versions will be available for General Release installation well before BAM!
  • Case for Automation: The need for automated service delivery is greater than ever. We’ll chat about the state of automation, highlight areas where you might improve efficiency, and highlight areas where automation is becoming less practical.
  • Report Designer Improvements: We’ve updated, and standardized how we describe reports, and communicate their scope and purpose.
  • MyBroadbandMarket (self-subscribe) updates, case study: It’s been in the field for a year. Hear what we’ve learned, learn how the product has grown, and explore the potential for an online shopping experience for your customers.
  • BroadHub Sales: Empower your field sales team and give them real-time access to a user-friendly version of BroadHub. Automation helps even the most basic users sell products, schedule work orders, and strike while the iron is hot.
  • Wish List (wouldn’t be BAM! without it): You’ll engage GLDS Product Marketing and Development teams in telling us what you wish our products could/should do.

Breakout Sessions (Some sessions will be offered multiple times/days)

  • Data Integrity: BroadHub backups, restores, and how to clean up old, unused data.
  • Billing System Administrator’s Roundtable: Open topics with emphasis on dispatch and reporting.
  • Using BroadHub’s Commercial Features: Roll-Up billing, contracts, custom rates, and contact management. A mid-level review of all new commercial features with an emphasis on configuring roll-up billing.
  • SuperController Roundtable with emphasis on FTTH: BroadHub/SuperController for ONT management. Explore best practices in ONT management to ensure you’re making the most of your service delivery infrastructure.
  • Commercial Contracts Hands-on Workshop: BroadHub 2.4 will offer support for Commercial Contract Management. Explore, configure and launch.
  • Custom Rates Hands-on Workshop: BroadHub 2.1 allows operators to establish ad-hoc custom rates for specific packages.  Explore, configure and launch.
  • eBill Hands-on Workshop: All new with BroadHub 2.3, learn how to make the most of the new eBill format. Explore, configure and Launch.
  • Outbound Messaging Configuration: Whether it’s email, or SMS, you’ll learn how to configure and send messages triggered by BroadHub events.
  • Work Orders Today: GLDS has added many new features in recent years. Are you taking advantage of all we have to offer?  Explore, configure and launch new features.
  • One-on-One In-Depth Reporting with GLDS Reporting Architect Eric Cotting.  You heard right.  Not a class, but one-on-one report counseling. We’ll establish 6 sessions for this – more if needed.
  • One-on-One SuperController Consulting with a GLDS Address Engineer.  Your chance to get in the trenches on your topics with a GLDS AE. We’ll establish 4 sessions for this – more if needed.
  • Additional Sessions: We’d would love to hear your idea for additional sessions. Click here and tell us what you think.

Group Activities (fun)

Early Bird Rates
End March 15th

Registration TypeCost*
BAM Registration$845
BAM w/Power User$945
BAM w/Report Essentials$1,045
Bring a Guest$395
GLDS Certified Partner$1,350

*Prices based on Monthly Support Agreement.  As-Needed support prices are $200 higher for all registrations except for “Bring a Guest”