GLDS Integration Engagement, Education, and Networking

BAM!23 | May 8-11, 2023

GLDS Integration Partners Attending BAM!23

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What is BAM?

At BAM!, we’ll share what’s changed over the last year and explain what we have planned in the years ahead. We share partner integration updates and discuss best practices within the context of case studies. We’ll get hands-on with BroadHub and teach our customers how to make the most of the systems they have.

We like to say that GLDS solutions are “crowd-sourced” where our customers are the ones that decide what we build, as well as how and when we build it. We look to our users to validate our direction, and to help us plan for the years ahead.

What to Expect:

  • No booth, no exhibit times.  Again, this isn’t an expo. Partners will be invited to sit alongside operators in most sessions, to dine with them, and to socialize with them as peers during activities. While at most industry events vendors are asked to wait on a show floor hoping operators will visit, we’ll invite you to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with operators and to participate in group discussions. We’ve seen this model work well as partners are treated as experts with something to add to the conversation.
  • We’ll invite you to be a problem solver, not a product seller. We will encourage you to be tasteful about your engagement, be kind and respectful to your competitors, and to participate in solving problems. No one likes a salesperson.  Everyone likes a partner.
  • We’ll periodically provide a list of attending companies, but we won’t publish an attendee list.  The event will be intimate enough that you will have a chance to meet everyone, so those operators who want to engage can provide you with contact information directly. 
  • We’re offering partners the opportunity to attend, and to sponsor specific elements of the event. Sponsorship is not a requirement of attendance.
  • While we’re not limiting the number of attendees a partner may register, it would be good to keep balance and coverage in mind.  Don’t send ten people when we expect only 50-60 operator attendees.  It seems that partner resources are best used by sending two to three people, which should ensure adequate coverage across our customer attendees. Comments made after our last BAM! event suggest that sending at least one sales engineering resource is preferred by our customers. They want someone who can troubleshoot issues and solve technical problems.