BAM! Sessions

As of March 14, 2022 | Subject to Change

General Sessions

State of the Company/Market
We’ll look at GLDS strategy within the context of current industry events. Garrick will take us through the state of the company, discuss company philosophies, and paint a picture of what you can expect in the months and years ahead. We’ll hear perspectives on near and long-term opportunities in Broadband, including home/community wi-fi, metered billing, full duplex, smart cities, new competitors and more.

BroadHub Journey
We typically introduce one major release per year, and it’s been a while since our last BAM!. The public release at BAM!19 was BroadHub 2.4.x; this year, we’re live with version 2.5.131 – that’s our 6th major release since we were together last. Learn about everything that’s changed, our philosophies behind that change, with insight as to where we plan to take the platform.

Operator Success Stories
Embarking on a journey to deploy fiber broadband services to consumers in your service area can seem like a daunting task for anyone. Whether you are deploying fiber to greenfield or brownfield areas within your footprint, it will require planning, vendor partnerships and consistent execution to meet the desired objectives. Discover how GLDS solutions and partners have facilitated the rapid execution and deployment of fiber first-hand, from a cross-section of GLDS BroadHub network operators. In this collaborative panel presentation, we will explore how using BroadHub and SuperController enhances their organizations’ service delivery strategy. Sharing first-hand insights from the teams tasked with meeting their organizations’ goals and ongoing operations.

MyBroadbandMarket Advancements & Platform Demo
We’ve always maintained that your customers should be able to get help when they want, where they want. GLDS has taken that to the next level with the introduction of our customer-facing shopping mall, called MyBroadbandMarket. With it, your prospective customers can also get help when they want, where they want. MyBroadbandMarket can take your prospective customer from website visitor to educated shopper, or even fully-empowered buyer.

FCC 477 and Census Updates
Preparing your FCC filings can be a major endeavor, especially when doing it for the first time. Where do you get the data you need for filing? How do you know the data is accurate? How do I deal with incomplete data?  GLDS has been hard at work ensuring we make a very complicated process as easy as possible by working with third-party data supplies and automating the reporting process. GLDS now offers a 2-source Census update and with just a few BroadHub configuration steps, operators can print FCC compliant files for submission. In this session, you’ll learn about the process including Census data retrieval, manual Census data updates, FCC file preparation, and more.

Taking it to the Streets; BroadHub Sales
Empower your field sales team and give them real-time access to a user-friendly version of BroadHub. Automation helps even the most basic users sell products, schedule work orders, and strike while the iron is hot. The world is reopening and we’re seeing operators reenter the market again with this valuable in-person tool.

Taking Command of Dispatch
It’s been in the wild for more than a year but most have never seen the power of the Dispatch Command Center. Ensure effective use of your tech pools, and ‘visualize’ your work, and your field engineers. Take drag-and-drop control installs and even auto-route work orders using complex skill and location-based algorithms. 

Financial Reporting for Managers
Getting questions from your accounts that you are struggling to answer? This session will provide an overview of the basics of BroadHub financial reporting that will help you understand BroadHub outputs, General Ledger configuration and more.

Integration Nation
Long considered a cornerstone of our strategy, GLDS offers interfaces to more than 80 different third-party partners ranging in scope from text imports/exports to fully automated multi-vendor, multi-service provisioning flows. We’ll talk about the value of pre-integration, and of automation, and take a “big picture” look at what options you have available to you today.

BroadHub Builder
While GLDS has moved Wish List to a crowd-sourced, web-based platform, we still benefit from face-to-face input. We’ll share our vision on some proposed product enhancements and then give you an opportunity to provide real-world details that will help us, help you. You’ll engage GLDS Product Marketing, Management and Development teams in telling us how you’d like to see specific features implemented.

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