On "demand" means just that...
Real-time intelligent order authorization, management and billing.


Authorize, Manage & Bill VOD in Real-Time

The VOD module from GLDS enables you to process, authorize and bill for on-demand transactional content in real-time. More importantly, GLDS has worked closely with industry-leading VOD vendors to provide a more intelligent way of delivering on-demand transactions. While VOD services allow subscribers to order content any time, at their convenience, GLDS provides an additional layer of logic to offer a more revenue-secure way of delivering that content.

Rather than simply authorizing transactions and reporting purchases to the billing system, tight billing integration processes order requests through your BroadHub® billing and subscriber management system to confirm the request meets specific standards. BroadHub will report specific subscriber parameters to the vendor who will evaluate these prior to authorizing services. Only if the order meets certain purchase standards is the event authorized, helping to decrease bad-debt and improve profitability. All purchases are reported to BroadHub in real-time ensuring that you’re not left holding un-billed purchases.

GLDS has integrated with all the majob VOD players, a list of which may be found here.