Your Best Opportunity for Updates, Education and Networking

May 8-11, 2023 | Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, California


What is BAM?

At GLDS’ BroadHub Annual Meetup (BAM!) you’ll gain critical insight from industry leaders as they share their broadband successes and set-backs. You’ll also hear how these operators leverage GLDS and integrated partner solutions to help grow their business, and thrill their customers.

GLDS will share what’s changed with our solutions over the last year and discuss what we have planned in the years ahead. That’s where you come in. We look to our users to validate our development direction, and to tell us what we should be working on. We like to say that GLDS solutions are “crowd-sourced” where our customers are the ones that decide what we build as well as how and when we build it. Our annual meet-up is your opportunity to be part of that “crowd.” 

In addition, we’ll train you on the latest and greatest and make sure you go home empowered to make a difference in your networks!

Those who’ve been before know that BAM! is often the best networking event of the year – an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Who Should Attend BAM?

BAM! is designed to communicate, to teach, and to provide a forum for discussion with GLDS, and with industry peers. Anyone who would like to participate in that kind of dialog should plan to attend.

That said, we most commonly see billing system managers, general managers, provisioning managers, billing analysts, and other similar positions. If you have any influence over, or are a material user of, back office broadband systems, you should be here.

Come Prepared to Make a Difference

Please bring a laptop, pre-configured with remote access into your production BroadHub and SuperController platforms. Plan to dig in and make a difference on your own system.  To make the most of the event, operators should ensure they upgrade to the latest General Availability release of BroadHub prior to the event.

Want to Bring A Guest to BAM? 

While not intended for the sessions themselves, we’re happy to have your guests join us for lunches/dinners and activities. Register your guest separately using the Bring A Guest option and we’re happy to handle billing in a way that’s most convenient for you.

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